15-4005 LTE Antenna

Frequency 690~960 MHz/ 1710~2170 MHz/ 2.5~2.7 GHz
Mounting Height: 100.9mm
Dimensions 100.9mm tall x 34.8mm wide
Key Features Omni-Directional. 4G, 3G, 2G. Wide Banded LTE. Omni-Direction. UV Resistant Housing.


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The 15-4005 antenna covers a wide range of bands in the LTE 4G/ 3G / Cat M1 spectrum. Also can be tuned for your application and region of the world.

Standards2G, 3G, 4G, Wide banded LTE
Frequency690~960 MHz
1710~2170 MHz
2.5~2.7 GHz
VSWR2.5:1 at any point
Gain2 dBi
Impendence (Ohm)50 Ohms
Max. Input Power (W)50 watts