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15-2005 Triple-band Antenna

900MHz + 1.8 GHz + 2.4GHz

Triple Frequency PC Board antenna (.3mm board) w/ 11″ Coax cable w/ UFL connector

14-1030 Flex-PCB Antenna

Sentinel Flex Antenna Assy, 43G-000034 PC Board .02(.5mm) thick nan ya plastic FR4. with 9inch (1.32 double shield cable with R/A MMCX PLUG

14-1010 PCB-Flex Antenna

I-210 .3mm FR4 antenna assembly including stiffner, 3M tape and 1.32mm cable with UFL connector

13-1903 PCB Flex 902-928 MHz Antenna

902-928 PCB Antenna with lattice type balun filter and warning label. PCB FR4 0.28 mm thickness 1.32 mm coax cable 191 mm length w/ UFL connector

11-1015 Radome 900Mhz Antenna

General Specifications

Frequency 902-928 MHz
Mounting Reverse Polarity SMA Plug
Dimensions (mm) (W) 7 inches x (H) 1.5 inches
Key Features High Gain Performance, UV ABS for Outdoors, Anodized Stainless Steel Connector

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